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Tags are a special way to organize, search and explore photos (yours and others'). Tags are basically keywords or labels that you can attach to your photos, to make it easier to find it later, or to help you make special cross-sections of your photos. You can tag a photo of your brother and his old Fiat 500 with tags like luigi fiat cars (in this case 3 tags, but you can put as many or few as you like to your photos). If you at some point later on wish to find all the photos of cars in your collection, you can click on the tag 'cars' to get the photos with that tag. On your tags page you can see all the tags used on your photos, weighted after how often they're used.

This page is where you find your personal "tag cloud" with all the tags you have used. This makes for an easy and fun way to browse your photos. The tags on this page is weighted so that often used tags are shown in larger font sizes than less used tags.

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 democratic people's republic geotagged geo:lat=39.04328199975 geo:long=125.7539910078 of korea   democratic people's republic of korea   demokratische   denmark   des   desert   deserted   design week   destroyed   destruction   deutsche   deutschland   dhl   dhow harbor   dhow harbour   di   dired   dirt   dirty   dish   display   disposable   distance   district   district 5   dmz   dobongsan   doc   doctor   dog   dogs   doha   dolomiten   dolomites   dolomiti   dolphin   dom   domingos   domm de milan   dongcheng   donkey   door   doris   double   double exposure   down   downtown   dprk   dr   drahtesel   dried   drink   drinks   driver   drum   dry   drying   dubrovnik   duck   dummy   dumpling   dune   dunes   duomo   duomo di milano   dust   dusty   dutch   dwellings   dynasty   dynsaty   dächer   dänemark   dünen   early   earth   east   eating   echo   egg   ei   eider   eiderkanal   eight   eingang   einwegkamera   eire   eis   eisenbahnhochbrücke   el nido   elbe  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