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Fizgig plus July 19, 2019, 01:57 AM
Bottle up all that shade and send it on over.... We're looking at heat indices topping 110˙F over the weekend -- with tropical humidity to make sure it all feels as miserable as it sounds ;) Granted, in 1-2wks. this hellish weather will (more than likely) be coming onshore in Europe at which point y'all will need every little leaf's shade....
Martina Weber July 19, 2019, 04:54 AM
oh dear, that's a lot! here, they announced around 95°F from monday on...for me enough....yes the clima has changed already, it is not a threat. Trees help a little. Take care!
Sonja July 19, 2019, 10:06 AM
Ewww, super high temperatures again???

It was bad enough when we got back from vacation at the cool atlantic coast up north and very suddenly came from climatized mass transportation spilled out int0 that 40 celsius bout. City trees seem at such temperatures just to block the breeze and draw a concentation of biting insects rather than cool with shade and hold the heat longer in the evening. And we could not only feel that ourselves, I am sure, as the basement garage looked like a party mile from all the teens trying to "chill"in the unatractive blackened setting under ground although there are a lot of trees above.

Fizgig plus July 19, 2019, 12:36 PM
Well, yeah, trees don't do much to mitigate the "urban heat island" effect --- they suffer just like everyone else.... Just ask Manhattanites ;) But areas where there is more greenery are actually cooler. Granted, 80 vs 90 doesn't feel like much of a difference where humidity is a factor or where there's no breeze.... But, I tell you, eliminate all shade and you'll be very sorry for having taken those trees for granted and thinking they made no positive impacts. There's nothing like walking down the street feeling your skin sizzle in the sun or having the pavement be so hot beneath your feet that the soles of your shoes actually start to soften or melt ;)
Martina Weber July 19, 2019, 03:31 PM
for me, every single tree is welcome, and a basement too. We use to sleep in the basement of our house :-) im summer!
Fizgig plus July 20, 2019, 03:26 AM
'Round here, a basement is nice to have, but a dehumidifier in it is a necessity -- for at least the portions of the year where the heat is not in use. My basement is finished & has guest quarters set up in it which I've availed myself of to save some energy when using the a.c. isn't an absolute necessity in terms of temperatures, but still needing to escape the oppressive humidity & dew pt.
Martina Weber July 20, 2019, 05:29 AM
I Need a dehumidifier in the basement as Well! At least in Summer. Aircon is Not necessary ...not yet
Sonja July 20, 2019, 10:38 AM
Dehumidifier? In the USA we used to have a humidifier, as the built in AC always made my nose bleed. Then back in Gemany we ran nto issues with to much humidity all year round in our new to well insulated condo. So we fought for a permit to install an air-to-air recuperator system. This I can put in summer to run differently, suck in air always in the north side bedroom and blow it out again to the south side livingroom. And of course I need to adjust shades, west windows must be fully lighttight from 2 pm to the morning, and as little afternoon cooking as possible. Then in is quite okay inside. We got special bylaws regulating the propper use of basement compartments. As far as I know nobody ever in the house sleeps there, or they are very discrete. But I guess it would be awful, as the compartments are built a bit like public toilet stalls, with open space above and below the privacy wall and people coming up from the garage and going on to their flat trigger the corridor lights and such.'Also it is never really cool in the first basement level and the smell sucks, for the open warm water pipes and the many units that operate freezers or loundy dryers, and also it's alas so that everyone keeps their yellow sacks down there and some hobbyists use to dry their work with glues and stains. It stinks like nobodys business and is at least 3-4 degrees warmer than iin my bedroom all of the season, the warmer outside the worse it is.
Martina Weber July 20, 2019, 07:10 PM
well our Basement is finished too and at the moment at 21°C . and ok with the dehumidifier....a little "klamm" of course but smells ok :-)

In my east-south-west bedroom with windows on each side and a low roof, 30°C are easy to reach!
Fizgig plus July 21, 2019, 02:44 AM
The people who built my house, thought it a great idea to deck the lower half of the basement with beautiful wood paneling with doors and bookcases to match.... The basement being 1/2 underground keeps it pretty cool (up to 15˙F cooler than the upper portions of the home on hot days), but it also means condensation and humidity are major threats to the woodwork. A mold outbreak would be catastrophic ....

Sonja.... Your issues with the air being too dry 'cause of the a.c. sounds like a classic case of the a.c. being far too large/powerful for the space. Normally, an a.c. that's properly sized for the space (and working properly) doesn't pull the humidity below 30% -- most modern ones have failsafe mechanisms to prevent it. Using a humidifier in combo. with an a.c. is a major waste of energy.... Turning the temp. "up" (so it doesn't run so cold) would also mean it pulls less humidity out of the air.... Granted, all this is now a moot pt. since you obviously don't live in that place anymore.

It's nice not to need an a.c., but there are far more places in the world today where not having one isn't an option anymore. The climate has changed so much that even places in Europe that never saw high temps. are seeing them so frequently that a.c. units are becoming not only more common but more necessary.

Martina Weber July 21, 2019, 06:32 PM
indeed around 40°C or 110°F it is not possible anymore to work...but unfortunately AC heats up the air outside even more...I used to live near Tokyo years ago...very hot and humid in summer...in the center it is best not to leave underground spaces.

a hot week is announced to come...

Fizgig plus July 22, 2019, 04:37 AM
They don't heat the air more than it's already heated because all they do is remove the hot air from a space.... It's not like a dehumidifier which removes humidity via heat, thereby releasing heat into the space --- some more than others. An a.c. moves hot air out while, simultaneously taking in air from outside & cooling it before pushing it into the room. So, actually, its byproduct ends up being cooler than the outside air once the space has been cooled to setting because the air exchange is constant as long as the unit is working.... So, if you have it set to, say, 75˙F, for example, the unit starts up when its thermostat hits 76-77˙F... And if the outside temp. is, say, 90˙F, the a.c. is actually cooling the outside air when it exhausts 76-77˙F air from indoors to take it fresh air from outside to cool to desired temp. to push indoors. It's just that the urban heat island effect in places like Tokyo, NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, Beijing, to name a few, cannot be compensated for even if every interior space was air conditioned.

Your statement is true, of course, on the base premise that us humans created this unbalance, volatile climate... Yes, nature goes through normal cycles of heating and cooling and changes occur in the system.... But, to deny the impact of human activity on the natural rhythms of the planet is foolish....

Bet you never thought you'd end up with this whole big discussion thing off of one very inviting, cool feeling photo =)

PS: It's 88˙F with humidity and dew pts. to match outside as I type this... at 12:30AM =( .... But, at least a thunderstorm passed through with a nice lightning display =) Granted, it only increased the humidity levels and did nothing for the temperature.... Complete relief from the high heat & humidity & dew pt. is on the way Tues., though =)

Martina Weber July 22, 2019, 11:57 AM
well, I read that the cooling agent heats up far more than the outdoor air temperature....and the hot air is spilled out....maybe there are different kind of AC on the market....

on sunday we had strong rain with temperatures around 85°F, so it feels like rainy season in Asia ! ;-)
It is going to heat up til thursday....100°F
enough for me!!!
please take care and keep cool everybody! :-)

Sonja July 25, 2019, 02:50 PM
I would never recomend any true AC to anyone. There was human life also in very hot countries before AC. ;o) Of course it was a life with long ineffective noon siestas and without lightflodded living rooms and work spaces that will heat up like mad if you do not use a special glass and manage the shutters stallwardly. Some things just have to get adjusted in other ways now, but it should be something smart and with no high ecological footprint for solutions. Besides, a less production oriented life would not hurt in the long run either. Noon on a hot day is just about that -- relax and drink a lot of tea in the shade sans formal dress, not optimize the danged office temperature.

Martina, I dont know about your life circumstances, if you own the house you live in or what's the general floorplan. But if you are the owner with all rights to changes, got insulation up to modern standards and both a north and a south wall not bordering someone elses unit but the outside, consider a single unit dry recuperator (dezentraler Waermetauscher). The things are really worth the expense. No dangerous chemicals in there, less energy requirement than a dehumidifyer from the electronics market, also less heating costs and warmth loss in winter, always filtered air with less spores at home, also less visits of any unwanted little animals, less general dust resulting cleaner, longer new looking home decorations and so less housework, less drama with family members notoriously forgetting to air after showering or boiling water in the kitchen and an almost unnoticable controlled little breeze without much noise go a long way to improve overall happyness. Okay,when there is a row of several more than 32 degree celsius days and worse it may get really also a bit to warmer inside eventually , but still cooler and healthier than if you just use a rotor fan with open windows and there is no need to alternatively hang out in a dank basement environment with a dehumidifyer that is either very loud as well or using chemical desiccants. Currently ouside temperature in the shade at the north wall here is at almost 37 celsius, and the kitchen is sunsequently at 26,6 celsius according to the electronic themometre, but with a glass of cool tea from the fridge I feel relaxed and fresh. And no, I dont get any money from the company that builds them inventer things into the wall, I am just satisfied with how great it performs. ;o)

Fizgig, as long we lived in the USA we never where really in comand of many things that people from Europe usually abhore and avoid if they do not want to fear bad health or a bad environmental conscience. We had everywhere slits in the floor and a switch to make a little bit warmer or cooler to our liking but there was *always* the artificially hotter or colder air circulated by the central forced air system, not only when it was very chilly or very warm but all of spring and indian summer they tried to keep home temperature in the exact ideal range. And that yucky air from the slits was of course dry as in the desert also in a humid state as Michigan. All forced air heatings are like this. Its something I always wondered why a whole nation would prefer it for a standard and I sure do not miss at all.
With "humidifyer" I mean no huge evaporator ment to change whole room climates but a unit for nightstand use with sothing scented pads to spend at least sleeping time with the face in higher humidity and healing oil fumes as coricoid nose spray did stop to help.

Fizgig plus July 25, 2019, 05:16 PM
It's nice not to recommend a.c. to anyone, but the reality is the climate has changed and not every human system can adapt. There are people literally dying because of abnormally high heat.... And the places where these unnatural heatwaves are occurring aren't areas that cool off as they normally would because humans have engineered the environment to their own detriment. 110˙F heat with overnight cooling only to 90˙F, humidity at 75%+, and dew pts. at 70˙F+ with no wind to speak off isn't survivable in urban settings for the vast majority of humanity without impact on health -- in these conditions, the levels of ozone in the atmosphere alone will have health impacts.... That's today's reality.... Gone are the days of country scenes about the dog days of summer where people ran around in fields of grass barefoot and went fishing and swimming at their favorite waterholes and when economic conditions allowed them to sleep away the middle of every summer day. Today's reality for most people is so far removed from that picture that it may as well have happened on another planet.

Denying that today's reality of life and climate is completely diff't than just 2-3 generations ago doesn't make it so.... Not recommending climate control means for people doesn't make the climate changes more survivable. The reality is, if you lived where not having an a.c. in the summer meant you'd be very sick and/or suffer permanent health complications and risk death just in the process of trying to get through a normal work day, you'd see things in a very diff't light. I'd challenge you to spend the course of a heat wave in the heart of NYC without a.c. .... None of this siesta b.s. either 'cause that's not the reality for most people today. You'd see things very differently ;) Being a European myself, I can say with near certainty that you wouldn't survive the experience without throwing in the towel and finding an air conditioned location before the close of ONE day -- forget about getting through the whole heat wave without calling the challenge quits ;)

But perspectives are diff't when you don't have to deal with those conditions in person for months on end... It's easy to sit in a place that rarely sees temps. in the 95˙F+ range and even more rarely sees humidity above 70% and dew pts. in the 70˙F+ range are unimaginable and say that a.c. is unnecessary. Outside the true heat islands in MI --- of which there is really only one recognized as such -- it's possible even in today's climate to survive without air conditioning the the summer.... Gone are the days when just properly insulating a house allow for natural heating & cooling cycles -- because those cycles in many places have been so drastically altered... No amt. of insulation will keep your home from heating up like an oven in 100˙F heat... You can't turn a house into an airless vacuum to keep 75%+ humidity & 65˙F dew pts. outside from seeping in -- you can suffocate yourself trying, and still not succeed. Once those seep in, combined with heating to at least 85˙F (in a normal house) the conditions become dangerously unhealthy -- not just from the stifling environmental conditions, but also because chemicals begin to be released from our household "stuff" like carpeting, treated flooring, furniture fabrics, every day chemicals everyone has in the house, even paint and wallpaper... That's not even factoring in that high humidity combined with high heat in the home create and environment where molds can form and thrive in furniture fabrics, clothing, carpeting... Oh, and then there's the effect those conditions have on wood in the home.... Fact is, there are places where no construction practices will overcome the outside environment.... Especially where that outside environment doesn't conform to historical patterns.... Need look no further than folks getting sick and/or dying in Europe in places where heat was never an issue before and where local standards and/or means prevent people from have a.c. units. And that's in places that still have a cooling cycle left to them -- i.e. when the sun goes down temps. drop relatively quickly & significantly....

My pt. is, one shouldn't be judgmental when they don't have to deal with those conditions themselves on a regular basis ;) I have family living in Europe and they were always yacking about not seeing the big deal with a.c. units and that there is definitely a wrong time of year to visit heat island cities until climate change hit where they live, too... The buildings they lived in actually had to change their codes and electrical systems to allow for and support the use of a.c. units as people started getting sick from the heat alone. So their new reality is that they couldn't get through the heart of summer without a.c. units because it's no longer cooling off at night in the midst of heatwaves they now have to endure =) Now they totally understand what we were always talking about with the cooling of the home issues and the summer is the wrong time to visit a heat island like NYC if you're not acclimated to deal with heat + humidity - nighttime cooling. And this is within one generation....

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